Education against Discrimination

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has organised, from 17 to 19 October, in Podgorica, training on discrimination for professionals working in the area of education, which is an integral part of the project 360° Full Circle for Human Rightswhich aims to contribute to reduction of discrimination and promotion of tolerance and respect for human rights in Montenegro.… »

Why are citizens paying mistakes of the judiciary system?

Regarding the information from today’s media, that Dusko Saric and Jovica Loncar are claiming €400 000 from the country of Montenegro for unfounded deprivation of liberty, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) reminds that this example represents not an incident but a more frequently occurring practice which is a result of also underived system of… »

To clearly define which body at the national level monitors the implementation of activities in the fight against corruption at the local level

A comprehensive analysis of the situation in the area of fight against corruption needs to precede to the improvement of the existing mechanisms to prevent this phenomenon. Furthermore, it is necessary to clearly define which body at the national level coordinates and monitors the implementation of anti-corruption activities at the local level. This was assessed… »

More proactive approach of institutions needed for fight against corruption

In Montenegro, more proactive approach and cooperation of all competent institutions, at national and local level, is needed for the fight against corruption, and support of civil society organizations, media and citizens is prerequisite for track record in this area. This was assessed at the national conference within the framework of project “Let’s put corruption… »

Signed Memorandum of cooperation between the Agency and Centre for Civic Education

The Anti-corruption Agency and NGO Centre for Civic Education (CCE) signed Memorandum of Cooperation which aims to further improve and strengthen cooperation through joint preventive action in fight against corruption. Memorandum was signed by Director of the Agency, Sreten Radonjić, and Executive director of the CCE, Daliborka Uljarević. Memorandum prescribes joint activities in the field… »

Signed Memorandum of Cooperation for the implementation of project “How well do you know the European Union?”

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports, Office for European Integration, Television Vijesti and Centre for Civic Education (CCE), signed Memorandum of Cooperation for implementation of project How well do you know the European Union? The project How well do you know the European Union? has in its focus production of quiz for high school students… »

How much revenues – thus much responsibilities

Reaction of Coalition KUM to the draft Law on Local Self-Governments Financing Coalition for transparency and fight against corruption at the local level (KUM) commends decision of the Government of Montenegro to finally systematically deal with local finances via new Law on Local Self-Government Financing, but warns that the draft that is currently up for… »

Placing AEM under the control of Government is a bad solution

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses concern over decision of Government of Montenegro to place the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM), an independent regulator for electronic media which exercises public jurisdiction in accordance with the Law on Electronic Media and operates in the public interest, under its direct control, as it was defined by new… »