Campaign in media for presidential elections in the focus of CCE

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) will qualitatively and quantitatively follow the media campaign for presidential elections which will be conducted in April 2018. The Project ‘SPINoFACT 2 – Political Advertising between Spin and Facts‘ is a continuation of the same-named pilot project conducted during November and December 2017 for local elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica and… »

Statement for public

With regard to the press release that Goran Denić and Vesna Tašić from ZMUC forwarded to certain media, using a series of unfounded constructions based on motives well known to them in a moment not chosen by accident, in order to compromise the reputation of Centre for Civic Education (CCE), we announce that everything we… »

Why the public can not know how the Senate members vote?

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points to the fact that the practice of hiding data at the University of Montenegro (UoM) continues, which leads to strengthening of already dramatically low ranking of UoM on worldwide recognized lists that among other indicators assess transparency, as well. CCE requested from rector of the UoM data on the… »

Prime minister to urgently dismiss Pejovic

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) commends decision of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC) in the case of Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic, Minister of European Affairs in the Government of Montenegro and Chief Negotiator in the status of an ambassador, which has determined that Pejovic has violated Law on Prevention of Corruption, but also Law… »

Judicial decisions must be respected

We deem decision of the Basic Court in Niksic, which today has passed a temporary measure to return Nikola Vukcevic into the Council of RTCG until completion of validity of the procedure, to be encouraging as it was previously carried out by the Basic Court in Podgorica in the case of illegally dismissed member of… »

Bukovica – 25 of crime without justice and remembrance

On the occasion of 25 years since the crime that occurred on 14 February 1993, in municipality of Čajniče, where members of so-called Army of B&H, amongst whom were eight Montenegrins, attacked unprotected villages Trpinje and Šapići from the territory of Montenegro, i.e. from the direction of the village of Bukovica, the Centre for Civic… »

The Parliament puts into jeopardy Montenegrin legal system

The reaction of the Parliament of Montenegro regarding the decision of the Basic Court in Podgorica which establishes temporary measure that orders the Parliament of Montenegro to return Goran Djurovic at the position of the RTCG Council member within eight days, until the judicial proceeding is completed, is scandalous and represents an open attack of the… »