Initiative for a more responsible Parliament

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today filed the Initiative to the Parliamentary Working Group for Drafting the Draft Law of the Parliament to define with that text the legal obligation of a medical examination for members of the Parliament of Montenegro and employees in the administration of the Parliament of Montenegro, which also includes special… »

Prime Minister Abazović continues to deny the concept of civil society

The Coalition for the Rights of LGBTIQ+ persons – EQUALLY expresses its disappointment and protests over the support that Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, in today’s published position, expressed to the lawyer Velibor Marković, and thus discrimination against women and the LGBTIQ population, which Marković supports with hate speech. Abazovic’s principle based opposition to Markovic’s standpoints,… »

Health and stability of ministers as prerequisites for good government

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today filed the Initiative to the Government to define the legal obligation of a medical examination for members of the Government (Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and ministers) and Secretary General in the draft Law on Government, which also includes special testing of mental and psychological ability to perform the… »

Financing of media and media services in 2021

In 2021, 192 public bodies spent 3,426,183.33 euros on media, media services and production services. When it comes to print media, Pobjeda, Vijesti and Dan received the most from public funds, out of televisions – RTV Nikšić, TV Vijesti and RTCG, and among radio stations – Radio Tivat, Radio Kotor and Radio Antena M. Within… »

Reaction of the Coalition for the rights of LGBTIQ+ PERSONS – EQUALLY: Velibor Marković can not be in the Commission

Today, several non-governmental organizations have addressed the President of the state and President of the Government regarding the proposal that Velibor Marković, known for his homophobic and misogynist attitudes, becomes a member of the Commission for examination of the compliance of the provisions of fundamental agreement with the legal system of Montenegro. Following is the… »

Politics of remembrance pose insurmountable obstacles

How important art is for the culture of remembrance, and how important it is to draw attention to key social issues through art, which includes remembering the victims, was discussed at the closing panel “Dealing with the past through the culture of remembrance and art” of the Novi Sad Plenum QUO VADIS BALKAN?, organized by… »