Free legal advice for citizens in cases of violation of rights through social media

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) will provide free legal counseling to citizens in cases of violation of digital rights through social media until mid-February 2023.

The development of the Internet, and especially social networks, greatly influenced the way of communication and provided new opportunities for the exchange of information and opinions, which also gave freedom of expression a wider dimension. However, this freedom of expression on social networks is often abused and used in a manner that threatens the rights of others, through the publication of inappropriate and offensive comments, as well as those that affirm or call for hatred, violence and discrimination.

Recognizing this growing problem, the CCE opened a legal consultation on the protection of citizens who are the targets of threats, disparagement, hate speech and verbal aggression on social media that damage their reputation and dignity or sense of security.

Anyone who feels that they need this type of support can contact the CCE during working days via the email address, providing basic personal data, contact information and a description of the case in the most important features (with attached proof). After assessing the merits of the request, the CGE team will respond with advice on what legal actions can be taken.

Legal counseling is provided within the project “Let’s stand up against discrimination, hate speech, misogyny and other forms of digital violence!” whose objective is to strengthen public awareness and encourage civic engagement in respect for human rights and the fight against discrimination, as well as in the promotion and application of mechanisms for improving the protection of human rights in the digital sphere. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

Maja Marinović, Programme associate