The position of juveniles in criminal proceedings – from prevention to reintegration

Center for Civic Education (CCE) published a brochure “The position of juveniles in criminal proceedings – from prevention to reintegration ” that h provides a brief overview of international instruments in the field of criminal procedure against juveniles. The brochure addresses all stages of the proceedings – from the one before trial (investigation, detention), through… »

Montenegrin government to urgently impose sanctions on Russia and stop threatening Montenegro’s path to EU

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) appeals to the Government of Montenegro to adopt, as soon as possible, a decision imposing effective sanctions on Russia and to prevent further damage to the state of Montenegro in that context. Further flirting with the fundamental values of civilization is unacceptable, as hesitation in practical condemnation of Russian aggression… »

15 new workshops about the 90s

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) published a new publication of supporting teaching material for a social group of subjects with a focus on history teaching “Teaching Controversial History for Responsible Education – 15 Workshops”. This publication, through fifteen prepared, piloted and applicable workshops, deals with various social aspects of the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the… »

About PWDs with dignity and in positive manner

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), after the end of Competition for the best journalistic story that addresses the position of persons with disabilities in Montenegro, awarded Miloš Rudović from the Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro (CIN CG) and Dijana Savović from TV and Vijesti portal. Rudović was awarded for the article “People with partial… »

With youth activism to the changes young people want

Centre for Civic Education (CCE). from 11 to 13 March 2022, with the support of the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, organized the Youth Activism School, which was attended by 25 high school students from 10 cities of northern, central and southern regions of Montenegro. Through an intensive and dynamic three-day programme, which… »

We condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and expect Montenegro to consistently implement sanctions against Russia

Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), Montenegrin Lawyers’ Association (UPCG) and Centre for Civic Education (CCE) strongly condemn Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which is being carried out with the brutal violation of international law rights and fundamental values of humanity since World War II in Europe. We express… »

Valuable experiences as incentive for future challenges

Dozens of research papers, interviews, TV and radio reports, implemented conferences, participation in regional projects are the results of the work of five students who completed paid internships in the media and NGOs dealing with the media in the past three months. Jelena Radulović, Bojana Rajković, Mia Zeković, Jelena Kočanović and Ana Novović, who previously… »

The potential for protests is limited, concerns about the situation in the country are growing, and the EU seems increasingly unattainable

“Concerns about the situation in the country and its future are expressed as never before, the programme Europe now has great support, although differences in the attitudes of employees and employers are identified, the potential for protests due to a no-confidence motion in the Government of Zdravko Krivokapic, dismissal of the President of the Parliament… »