Jovan Markuš is spreading the hate speech against roma and violating children’s rights

Six non-governmental organizations – Human Rights Action (HRA), Association Spectra, Center for Women’s Rights (CWR), Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Montenegrin LGBTIQ association Queer Montenegro and NGO Prima – condemn hate speech against Roma and violation of children’s rights by Jovan Markuš, a former member of the National Commission for UNESCO. After the sexism he… »

Montenegro urged to adhere to standards leading to the EU

Montenegro should strictly adhere to the standards and practices leading towards the  European Union (EU), and as for other initiatives outside the Berlin process, such as the Open Balkans, must remain cautious, it was assessed at the first part of the conference “Regional initiatives in the Western Balkans – Chances and Pitfalls?”, organized by the… »

The censors indicated to the last judgment of our reality

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses its regret that the Capital City of Podgorica restricted the right to artistic expression to the director Zlatko Paković, through the cancellation of support for the final realization of the play “Pier Paolo Pasolini directs the Last Judgment“. Such approaches do not contribute to the Europeanization of Montenegrin society,… »

Discrimination remains a big problem in Montenegrin society

More than hald of citizens of Montenegro recognize the presence of discrimination, and Roma, women and the poor are seen as the most discriminated, while 94.1% consider, through experience or indirect belief, that there is political discrimination in Montenegro, which they primarily see in the employment area. Dissatisfaction with the work of the institutions is… »

The memorial plaque at the site of the JNA camp in Morinj is important for dealing with the past and reconciliation in the region

Human Rights Action (HRA) and the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcome the installation of the memorial plaque in the site where the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) military camp in Morinj was, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Montenegro and in presence of senior officials of… »