Let’s put corruption into museum!

Corruption is one of the greatest challenges that Montenegrin society faces for far too long time. At the same time, improvement of the system towards the prevention and fight against corruption is one of the most important tasks in the field within rule of law framework, both related to internal democratization and compliance with the standards that Montenegro must fulfill on its way to full membership in the European Union. In the EC Non-paper on the State of Play regarding chapters 23 and 24 in Montenegro, from November 2017, only the initial results achieved in the area of suppression of corruption at a high level are noted, with the additional assertion that the impact of anti-corruption measures in areas of particular risk, among which is also the level of local self-government, remains still limited. It is particularly assessed as generally positive involvement of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the reform process.

Introduction of new mechanisms for prevention and fight against corruption at the local level, such as integrity plans, did not lead to essential improvement, as most of the local self-governments stopped adopting and implementing local action plans for fight against corruption. Furthermore, measures that refer to the prevention of corruption in local self-governments are included in the Action plan for Chapter 23 (Judiciary and fundamental rights) and the Operative document for prevention of corruption in areas of particular risk. However, the scope of the effects of these measures remains open, as the official provided data are usually inconsistent, hardly available and of questionable quality.

The basis of functional fight in this area should be comprehensive anti-corruption legal framework with strong and liberated of the political influence institutions that can implement the adopted regulations without interruption and thus achieve track record in this field. In addition, cooperation between all social structures is necessary, and citizens should be important actors, which is why the focus of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is directed towards them, as well.

Let's put corruption into museum!

The project «Let’s put corruption in the museum!», which the CCE conducts in cooperation with NGO Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), NGO Bonum from Pljevlja, NGO UL-Info from Ulcinj and NGO Za Druga from Petrovac, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration and The Anti-corruption Agency, represents the third phase in the implementation of the wider CCE programme, which aims to contribute to the reduction of corruption at the local level. It is aligned to the results of the previous two projects: “Think Locally – Act Locally! – Fight Against Corruption at the Local Level” and “Corruption at the Local Level – Zero Tolerance!”, carried out by the CCE and its partners, also with the support of the European Union and the Member States.

The focus of previous projects was to monitor and improve existing policies and mechanisms for preventing and combating corruption at the local level, mapping areas subject to corruption, strengthening the capacities of local CSOs to contribute to fight and prevention of corruption in their local communities, and developing informative-media campaigns. Major changes in key documents governing local anti-corruption policies have created a need to keep track of its implementation, as well as to further strengthen the capacities of local NGOs in order to assist local authorities in the fight against corruption. However, it has become obvious that an effective fight against corruption at the local level will require greater citizen participation, so the CCE will also focus on activities that will encourage that.

The project “Let’s put corruption in the museum!” has contribution to improving of the quality of EU integration process in Montenegro by strengthening the rule of law as an overall objective. Specific objectives are focused on decreasing the corruption at the local level and strenghtening citizens’ engagement in the fight against corruption at the local level in Montenegro.

The project envisages to influence to the increase of transparency of the work of municipalities in Montenegro, as well as to the implementation of anti-corruption policies, through direct cooperation of CSOs, state institutions and citizens. Providng support to CSOs by allocation of financial resources for the implementation of projects in local communities, their capacities for effective response to corruption will be further strengthened, while their work will be fostered also with  forming a coalition for transparency and fight against corruption at the local level. Through an interactive, innovative and creative approach, the social consequences of corruption will be pointed out in order to stimulate an appropriate addressing of this problem.

Materials for Call for support of CSOs in Montenegro in the area of local anti-corruption activities – II Call

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