Milena Brajović, Financial Manager

Milena Brajović, Financial ManagerMilena Brajović graduated at the Faculty of Economics of University of Montenegro, Department of Finances and Accounting. She successfully completed specialization in the non-governmental sector for financial management of projects financed from European Union funds. She started her professional engagement as intern in the Department for Finances and Accounting in a political party, but soon advanced to the position of the Adviser to the Director for Economic Affairs, and later on to the Head of Department for Finances and Accounting. She has extensive experience in control and keeping records of business books for basic and 23 separate budget units, production of financial plans and financial statements in quarterly, interim and annual periods, as well as numerous other activities related to financial management and accounting. Furthermore, she is lecturer for the area of financial planning and project management financed from the funds of the European Union, within capacity building programmes for non-governmental organisations. Fluent in English, with knowledge of Italian language as well.